Thursday, December 13, 2012

ZizBang - Social Networking and Profile Reviews

ZizBang is a social-networking site that gives the users a privilege of giving their ideas and thoughts on a specific website or profile accounts by simply giving reviews and ratings using stars. It all started years ago when some of its web developers ripped off by their local contractors and met dishonest persons on sites such as dating, and that’s why the developers come up with the idea on creating a website like ZizBang.

It started January 9 where the site becomes live, and years after that hundreds of reviews about website and profile has been saved and showed on the main page of the website.
With billions of websites that exist on the internet, few of them are safe for all ages. Some websites failed to give the services that they offered and paid by customers online. That’s why Zizbang can help you on showing you the real comments of the users/members that experienced using their service.

Some internet users wished they could share others about their experience at a website or with a person who has a profile at dating and social network sites. By giving stars as rating, and writing a review of that website or profile, any members who will view that person’s profile or web site, they’ll see the average rating for that person (or web site) and they can read the reviews with a click of their mouse.

You can earn money online by helping them to reach out more visitors and potentially members by joining in their affiliate program, and build your own group. What’s good to know is that it’s free to participate.

On the other hand, Zizbang can also give credibility on websites and potentially increase sales by using the reviews and rating system for free. Just post a review and acknowledge them if you are the owner. You can create a thank you page and ask them to view uncensored and unbiased reviews of your website in ZizBang.

Join ZizBang for more information regarding programs and services.


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